Conduit work in Oakland, CA.
Trench for restaurant power
Adjustable recessed lights
Kitchen remodel
Kitchen remodel
400 amp service upgrade
Adjustable 4" recessed can lights
Kitchen remodel
Mini recessed lights in an upper cabinet
Mini recessed lights in a lower cabinet.
Solar PV installation, This system has some batteries in the garage which will power a few circuits in the event of a power outage.
Solar equipment
200 amp service upgrade
This exterior wall was opened up to install a new 200 amp service panel. You can see the black felt vapor barrier is being replaced.
Kitchen remodel
Kitchen remodel
This new panel replaced a smaller panel. It had to be
installed in a chase built on the surface of the garage wall.
New codes disallow the installation of a panel in a fire
rated garage wall separating the garage from the living
area of the home.
Pendant lights
Kitchen remodel
Power for three phase compressor in Benicia. Photo shows a fusible
disconnect, motor controller and an owner provided compressor. We also had
to upgrade the customer's electrical panel from 100 amps to 200 amps to accommodate the additional load of this compressor.
This is a single floor box receptacle. It is economical and easy to install if there is crawl space beneath.

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