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Family room remodel in Moraga, CA. Notice the elegant LED cove lighting.
Kitchen remodel in Moraga, CA. Notice the elegant LED cove lighting.
Here you have two new service panels. The larger one is the main service panel for the entire house, and the smaller one is for an electric vehicle charging station, which will have a different rate (cost) schedule.
Halo four inch LED recessed can lights - nickel finish.
Halo four inch LED recessed can light with adjustable trim - nickel finish.
Bathroom remodel - Rodeo, CA.
Tesla High Capacity Quick Charger
This service mast was raised to gain clearance over the driveway.
This is a Tesla wall connector used for charging a Tesla electric vehicle.
The transformer seen at the bottom of the picture, and the panel it is connected to, were installed to change the existing voltage from 208 volts to 230 volts so the customer could use some European made equipment which was made for 230 volt usage.
Kitchen remodel showing under cabinet lights
Kitchen remodel - Concord, CA.
Exterior wall sconce - Concord, CA.
Service panel upgrade. Wall will be painted by customer to match.
This 3 phase transformer and disconnect switch were installed so a machine shop could use a 460 volt piece of equipment.
This court light used to be 8' tall. It was raised another 6' to get the light to shine more down on the players versus shining straight into their eyes.
This is an infrared outdoor heater. Now the homeowner can entertain on a cool evening and still stay toasty warm.
This metal lathe needed a 3 phase 208 volt circuit which necessitated a panel change-out to accommodate the new circuit.
Chandelier installation- Walnut Creek, CA.
Here is a new 200amp meter combo with a 200amp transfer switch. Now during a power outage this customer can simply plug in his generator and enjoy having power for critical items like the refrigerator, lighting, and one air conditioner.
This service mast had to be supported by some metal brackets because the house was built without eaves. Sometimes you have to get creative. Why would anyone build a home without eaves? They provide great shade inside the house!
This blue and yellow contraption is a crane used to move very heavy pumps from one side of the shop to another. It required a 3 phase 208volt 15amp circuit.
The four exterior wall sconces were added to illuminate the walkway in front of them. It is a wonder why the home was built without them.
Many good experiences are sure to come with this new spa installation.
This is a ten circuit manual transfer switch used for generator backup power during an emergency.