CA. #835032
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This junction box was terminated very well. All of it's wires are folded into the box so that in the event someone needs to work on them they will be easy to pull out for service- as seen in the picture to the right. Sometimes these wires just get crammed into the box, are too short, or there are just too many wires in the box. 

The wires in the top right corner of this box were cut entirely too short. They should be a minimum of six inches long. This makes it difficult to create a reliable termination and could lead to costly repairs.
This junction box was terminated by an amateur. It is rated by the National Electric Code for ten #14 gauge wires, and it has twenty-one #14 gauge wires in it.
It will be easy to splice into one of these circuits thanks to ample room left in this box, and with the wires left plenty long, unlike the box in the picture at right. This box is rated for twenty-one #14 gauge wires, and it has eleven #14 gauge wires in it.
This junction box was located under some blown-in insulation after about three hours of troubleshooting. Not only did it take a long time just to locate this box but it was installed without a cover, the cables were not supported within twelve inches of the box, the box was not supported, and some of the cable's outer insulation was frayed. Junction boxes should always be placed within sight and never buried where they are hard to find. Please see the picture at right.
This junction box was placed very well. If someone ever has to look for it they will not have to look far. This can be a real time saver, and is a sign of professional workmanship.